The Bunny Man legend has made its way through many states in the nation, but most people still don’t know how it started. Who was the “Bunny Man?” This staple of urban myth is a common tale in my state of Virginia. As a matter of fact, the Bunny ManRead More →

“The Hook” is one of the oldest urban legends that retained its popularity. It’s often dismissed as a method parents’ use to keep kids from having “fun,” but does it serve a practical purpose? Do the roots of this story really stem from fiction? The tale has two common forms:Read More →

The legend of Bloody Mary has been retold for decades and made into countless books and films. So, when did it begin? Was there ever a real, “Bloody Mary?” You’ve probably seen such email forwards, comments, or posts as these: [Collected from the internet] “Mary Worth was a beautiful youngRead More →

Gloomy Sunday is often subtitled the, “Hungarian Suicide Song,” but is this a marketing ploy, or something more? This song has been blamed for at least 19 suicides. Accusing music of foul influence is not new. Songs have been maligned for as long as we’ve had music. Centuries before theRead More →

The Chimera House is the term for an incredibly common phenomenon. It’s also called the “13 Floor house” and the “Money Back Haunted House.”   The Standard Legend My cousin’s best friend had some distant family who disappeared. They went out last Halloween, to the abandoned factory on Sixth Street.Read More →

Christine is one of Stephen King’s most popular novels. It was made into a major motion picture in 1983. The story follows a young man who discovers his car has a life of its own. Not only is it sentient, it’s evil, and offers him the power to do whatRead More →

Do these tiny candies bring about delicious doom? The legend behind “pop rocks,” candy is as large as its fan base. So, did “Mikey,” from the LIFE cereal commercials, really die from it? “Pop rocks,” is candy of legend. Rumors of fatalities linked to this confectionary have traveled for decades.Read More →

“Typhoid Mary,” is today a generic term used to describe someone who brings harm on others, with no concern for the consequences of their behavior. Yet, she was very real, and her life is as sadly perplexing as her legacy. Mary Mallon [1869-1938] immigrated to America around 1884. To theRead More →

Family vacations are supposed to offer relaxation. It’s a time to get-away, if only for a night or two, and shake off the worries we face daily. Before you kick back and relax in your hotel room, however, you might want to check under the bed. Sometimes it’s a mega-hotelRead More →