Christine is one of Stephen King’s most popular novels. It was made into a major motion picture in 1983. The story follows a young man who discovers his car has a life of its own. Not only is it sentient, it’s evil, and offers him the power to do whatRead More →

This case is relatively current, yet is destined to become the basis of an urban legend. In an age of crime dramas, forensic documentaries, and entire television channels devoted to investigation, the murder of Hugues de la Plaza continues to baffle, confuse, and confound. Hugues da la Plaza, a 37-year-oldRead More →

Do these tiny candies bring about delicious doom? The legend behind “pop rocks,” candy is as large as its fan base. So, did “Mikey,” from the LIFE cereal commercials, really die from it? “Pop rocks,” is candy of legend. Rumors of fatalities linked to this confectionary have traveled for decades.Read More →

“Typhoid Mary,” is today a generic term used to describe someone who brings harm on others, with no concern for the consequences of their behavior. Yet, she was very real, and her life is as sadly perplexing as her legacy. Mary Mallon [1869-1938] immigrated to America around 1884. To theRead More →

Louie, Louie has appeared in countless commercials, movies, and has been on the radio for decades, but how many of us actually know the words? It was just like that when it was released, and it gained more notoriety than any other song of its era. Louie, Louie, is aRead More →

Family vacations are supposed to offer relaxation. It’s a time to get-away, if only for a night or two, and shake off the worries we face daily. Before you kick back and relax in your hotel room, however, you might want to check under the bed. Sometimes it’s a mega-hotelRead More →