Faith healing is usually the use of a spiritual device (scriptural support, prayers, and often touch, as with “laying hands”) to either heal or alleviate disorder and disease. Many times, first impressions of, “faith healing,” involve personal biases against those who refuse medical treatment. They arbitrarily ignore their physician’s orders,Read More →

Many common ailments have extensive histories of “snake oil,” cures and treatments. Many so-called “treatments” are unhealthy, or even dangerous. Here are some old wives’ tales regarding the tick. The tick is a pest found around the globe. If they aren’t directly on us, they’re on our pets, in ourRead More →

“Typhoid Mary,” is today a generic term used to describe someone who brings harm on others, with no concern for the consequences of their behavior. Yet, she was very real, and her life is as sadly perplexing as her legacy. Mary Mallon [1869-1938] immigrated to America around 1884. To theRead More →