About Us

What if everything you knew about the world was wrong?

We live in a world of mystery and wonder, which is often stifled into oblivion by modern bias. Academia encourages us to “question everything,” however grows hostile or irate if everything is really questioned. Modern society seems to value its double-standards, and that is never truer than when encountering the modern assumption. There doesn’t seem to be anything more offensive, hateful, or bombastic than basic independent thought.

Modern society values peer review and scholarly agreement, however it should also be noted that “peer review,” accepted the earth was flat, genetics “proved” the white race was “superior,” germs were science fiction, sound waves were witchcraft, DDTs were safe enough to bathe in, and LSD was a safe anesthetic. Certainly, peer review is an appropriate process in many scenarios, but acceptance does not make misinformation true, no matter how many people are involved.

One must ask how much more can we delve from the world, if we simply venture onto a path of independent study and exploration. What if the accepted explanations don’t explain? Do we continue to dismiss it, or do we look for what lay behind it? The purpose of this site is discussion, with a secondary purpose to explain, or “debunk.”
History is filled with mysteries, oddities, and bizarrities. Many of those make their way into modern urban legends, folklore, or even fakelore. Join us as we delve into the secret histories behind many modern legends and their impact on society.

Our language and culture is filled with strange superstitions, customs, urban legends, and clichés. So, where did they come from? The answer is simple. It came from history.